Our goal is to provide professionals, like yourself, more time and less worry, so you can go and do your thing – making people all pretty and fabulous. (Bless you for that!)

For who?

Working full time or chasing your passion on a side, either way, you just want a reliable partner who can deliver, right? This is us. On-time, high quality, fair price.
We are happy to be your sidekick with supplies and support your professional journey to the moon and beyond.


Lovmost product selection is always of high quality and carefully chosen to cover the essentials of lash artists needs. We have made the decision to expand our portfolio only in collaboration with lash artists and according to on-going trends. We believe that every lash artist should have a quality set of equipment to give the best results for their clients.

Lovmost brand

Although our brand Lovmost is new, we have successfully operated in the cosmetics and beauty accessories business since 1998. Within those 19 years, we have become a dynamic, valued, and reliable distributor in the Baltic, Scandinavian and other European regions.

Want to know more about our products or do you have some collaboration in mind? Contact us and lets make the best out of it. 🙂